The group stage for Euro 2016 saw 32 teams competing for 16 places in the next round. The top two from each of the groups qualified for the next round.


Each nation's FIFA ranking is shown in brackets.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4

Spain Spain (1)
Germany Germany (2)
Croatia Croatia (4)
Netherlands Netherlands (5)
Portugal Portugal (6)
Italy Italy (8)
England England (9)
Russia Russia (11)

Belgium Belgium (12)
Switzerland Switzerland (14)
Bosnia Bosnia-Herzegovina (15)
Greece Greece (16)
France France (18)
Denmark Denmark (20)
Czech Republic Czech Republic (24)
Montenegro Montenegro (25)

Sweden Sweden (27)
Norway Norway (29)
Hungary Hungary (33)
Romania Romania (34)
Serbia Serbia (36)
Albania Albania (38)
Ukraine Ukraine (39)
Ireland Republic of Ireland (41)

Bulgaria Bulgaria (46)
Turkey Turkey (54)
Slovakia Slovakia (56)
Israel Israel (62)
Poland Poland (65)
Scotland Scotland (74)
Austria Austria (76)
Armenia Armenia (89)


The matches are scheduled to be played between 4 September 2015 and 17 November 2015.


  Team qualified for the next round
  Team failed to qualify
Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Italy Italy

Denmark Denmark
Romania Romania
Israel Israel

Spain Spain

Switzerland Switzerland
Norway Norway
Turkey Turkey

Portugal Portugal

Belgium Belgium
Serbia Serbia
Scotland Scotland

England England

France France
Albania Albania
Bulgaria Bulgaria

Russia Russia

Montenegro Montenegro
Sweden Sweden
Slovakia Slovakia

Germany Germany

Bosnia Bosnia-Herzegovina
Hungary Hungary
Poland Poland

Croatia Croatia
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Ireland Republic of Ireland
Austria Austria
Netherlands Netherlands

Greece Greece
Ukraine Ukraine
Armenia Armenia